KRYSTYNA STANKO – composer, songwriter, guitarist, teacher. Vocalist endowed with highly original, sultry voice, active in different musical genres.

DekielKrystyna is a graduate of the Jazz and Contemporary Music Academy in Katowice. She collaborated with the Krakow based blues band ‘Dekiel‘, with which she toured and performed in Germany and at the Rawa Blues Festival. During her studies, she formed her own band consisting of four women named ‘For Dee‘ in which she was the guitarist and vocalist, and also wrote the music and lyrics for. The Idea of a female group prove to be a hit, awarding her with the main prize at the Student Song Festival in Krakow. The Participation in the debuts category in Opole gained her the first prize and Krystyna Stanko was awarded the Anna Jantar prize and the special prize for the best song (‘oni’ – dedicated to aids patients).

For DeeIn 1995, as a duo with Jowita Tabaszewska, she recorded the album ‘Kobiety‘, which contained 12 songs composed by Krystyna. Some of them hosted on the radio charts and television, highly rated by Mark Niedzwiecki. In 1996 ‘For Dee’ was guest on a concert tour with the group ‘Various Manx’ (about 20 concerts in Poland). Since September 1998 ‘For Dee’ stopped all activities.

0-58After a 2 year break Krystyna Stanko founded ‘(0-58)‘ together with Olo Walicki and Maciej Grzywacz, a Jazz group whose main idea was to compose and play their own original music at concerts. A beautiful acoustic sound, interesting melodies and richness in harmony in combination with lyrical, poetic lyrics inspired the musicians to record the album “Do_dziesieciu“, which was nominated for the Fryderyki Award 2001 For Best Jazz Album of the Year. The group presented their interesting project within the country and abroad (Germany, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic). In 2003 another record ‘Tryby‘ followed with music by Maciej Grzywacz and lyrics by Krystyna Stanko. Like ‘Do_dziesieciu’ it was met with high interest and was also nominated for the frederyki awards. The Group has appeared on several major festivals, among others at the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days in Sibiu and the Policka Jazz Festival. Since 2004, Krystyna Stanko is collaborating with many interesting artists such as Piotr Lemanczyk, Jacek Kochan, Dominik Bukowski, Przemyslaw Raminiak. In 2008 Krystyna Stanko invited New York based flamenco guitarist Hernan Romero creating the project ‘Slavic Soul, Hot Flamenco’ which has played a few shows (among others at the Bohema Jazz Festival, Jazz and in Gdynia) and has scored good reviews.

Krystyna Stanko, Hernan RomeroKrystyna also composes and records her original compositions that often carry a Jazzy, and sometimes a Bluesy color. Krystyna is a teacher for vocals on the Music Academy in Gdansk. In connection with the world day against aids Krystyna Stanko recorded her song ‘Oni’ with the choir ‘Cartusia’, which was released as a single. In Febraury 2008 her Song ‘Moj Drogi Panie’ was part of the compilation ‘Po polsku o milosci’ released by Warner. By the end of 2008 Krystyna Stanko’s song ‘Sobie Sami’ was selected by Juliusz Machulski for his motion picture ‘Ile wazy kon trojanski‘.

In December 2008 she released another album, issued by the Radio Agency record companies, titled ‘Uslysz Mnie‘ with the singles ‘Nikt Poza Nami’ (chillout cafe – M. Niedzwiecki) and ‘Moj Drogi Panie’ The new album received excellent reviews and was nominated for ‘Superjedynki’.

Krystyna Stanko - SecretlyIn November 2010 she released a new album called ‘Secretly‘, which is her personal tribute to Peter Gabriel and includes Jazz arrangements of his compositions. Next to Krystyna, outstanding instrumentalists can be found on the record: Dominik Bukowski, Piotr Lemanczyk, Cezary Konrad, Irek Wojtczak, Marcin Gawdzis. The material was recorded in the Studio RG, and produced at P&E Studios in Amsterdam. Producer Paul Rutschka together with Ian Edwards took care of warm, jazzy sound. ‘Secretly’ received a five star review in the Jazz Forum magazine. The Group successfully performs in clubs and on festivals throughout the country.

By the end of 2012 she released the album “Kropla Słowa” combining outstanding poetry by Wislawa Szymborska, Halina Poświatowska, Dorota Szatters, Tomasz Jastrun with own compositions by Dominik Bukowski and Stanko herself. The album was recorded with an international group: Dominik Bukowski, Piotr Lemańczyk, Cezary Konrad, Irek Wojtczak, Maciej Obara, Jacek Królik, Mirek Hady, Paul Rutschka, Sri Hanuraga.

Krystyna Stanko . Kropla SlowaFor the record “Kropla Słowa” Krystyna Stanko has received many awards and honors:

Album of the Year in 2012 in the prestigious Jazz Forum magazine, the Pomeranian Artistic Award (the most important in the region), Mayor of Gdansk scholarship in the field of culture.

Stanko and her band toured with this program within the country, including festivals: Jazzbląg, Bydgoszcz Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Podlasie and many others, as well as abroad.

Osobowość Radiowa Roku 2012 Radia GdanskSince 2012 Krystyna Stanko has her own weekly radio show in the public Radio Gdańsk, where she presents mostly jazz music. For this activity she received the prestigious “Personality of Radio Gdańsk 2012″ award.

In May 2014 her 25th anniversary as an artist took place, starring students, alumni, friends and Krystyna Stanko’s band. During the ceremony the singer was awarded by the Mayor of Gdansk.

In June the band released their next album, “Snik” which was inspired by the folklore and culture of the Kashubian. Compositions by Piotr Lemańczyk, Dominik Bukowski, Krystyna Stanko and traditional folk melodies in unusual arrangements can be found on that record. In 2010 Krystyna was awarded with the prestigeous “Perla Kaszub” award for outstanding artistic achievements and co-operation with the Cartusian district.

Krystyna Stanko - Ladies Jazz Festival 2014The album has a fairytale and mysterious mood to it and contains extensively improvised parts to the words of the old Kashubian legend “Trzy Zjawy” by Aleksander Majkowski . In addition to her regular band formed by: D. Bukowski, P. Lemańczyk, P. Jarosz, M. Gawdzis, also folk artists appeared. Record producer as in the case of the two previous albums was Paul Rutschka. The album received rave reviews, and concerts with this program were met with great interest and admiration from the audience. The premiere took place in October at Radio Gdańsk, and the concert was broadcasted live on air.

In July 2014 Stanko performed at the International Ladies Jazz Festival in Gdynia, where she presented a program specially prepared for that occasion titled “Krystyna Stanko and her Jobim“. Accompanied by her exquisite musicians the concert featured guest such as her vocal students, graduates and her sister Mariola Rutschka on flute.

Krystyna Stanko - Medal Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria ArtisThe end of 2014 brought Stanko the highest state award in the field of culture – Gloria Artis Medal for outstanding artistic and educational achievement, solemnly handed at the Academy of Music in Gdansk, during the inauguration of the academic year.

Krystyna Stanko - SnikIn February 2015, the her band performed at the Jazz Jantar Festival, as well as the Kashubian Philharmonic, and in the summer they are going to play in Germany at the Altonale Festival in Hamburg promoting the new album “Snik“.